02 July 2007

Dallas World Acquarium

Friends and I went to Dallas recently to see The Police in concert (great show). We also checked out the Dallas World Acquarium. I took several pictures, most of which didn't come out very well. But here are a couple of pretty good ones.

This first one may be hard to understand out of context. There's a large pool with rays and a shark, and there's a plexiglass tunnel along the floor of this pool. You can walk through the tunnel and see the shark and rays (although the distortion is pretty bad). You can also (from an upper level) look down into the pool and see the tunnel. This picture is looking down into the pool while the shark is swimming over the tunnel:

shark swimming over tunnel

And here's a penguin, because penguins are awesome:

penguin having a nap

The DWA also has a black jaguar. Beautiful animal. So if you've got a couple of hours to kill in Dallas, hit the DWA.

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