22 July 2007

2007 OSCON: hotel Internet fee

So I asked at OSCON registration about the hotel Internet fee. I talked to an incredibly hot woman with a nosering, and she said that, alas, it was no mistake.

She said that Portland had recently launched citywide wireless, but that the hotel was blocking it. Charming. Don't know if I need to complain to the hotel, the conference, or both, but I think someone probably needs a wee bit of wrath.

Well, my work (which is paying for this trip) will probably pay for the Internet fee, as I'll likely do some work this week. So I guess I'm still sticking it to 'the man', but I sort of feel like I'm sticking it to the wrong man. shrug

And I stopped by the Ubuntu Live party looking for the Linux Action Show guys, but didn't see them. Oh, well.


zach said...

Did you ask her out? You should have. If a girl is hot AND has a nose ring, then you are obligated by law to ask her on a date. Or, at least out for a beer.

EvaCatHerder said...

Or you could just come take advantage of CubeSpace's Special OSCON offer and work here for free!