11 November 2006

Lockpicking Guide

Locksport International (LSI) has created a pretty interesting guide to lockpicking. It talks about the techniques of picking locks and how to make the tools:

LSI Lockpicking Guide (HTML)

LSI Lockpicking Guide (PDF)

There's also lockpicking101.com, a set of forums about lockpicking.

10 November 2006

248 ways to annoy people

I thought this was pretty funny:


#216 is my favorite, with #185 a close second.

03 November 2006

Interview w/ Slackware's Patrick Volkerding

I used the Slackware distribution of GNU/Linux for several years. It was my first distribution, and I think it's a really interesting project. That distribution's creator, Patrick Volkerding, recently sat for a 90-minute interview with the Linux Link Tech Show (direct MP3 download). I'd never heard his voice before. It's a good way to waste an hour-and-a-half.

Griffith Observatory Reopens

Looks like the Griffith Observatory reopened today after a $93 million four-year renovation and expansion project. It was closed during my visit to LA a few months ago, which was disappointing. Oh, well. Maybe next time.