28 October 2006

Perils of e-Democracy

The following article details some of the hazards of electronic voting. It's somewhat long, but it's very interesting (and a bit frightening):

How to steal an election by hacking the vote

I especially like the default password of '1111' on the voting machines, and the fact that this is probably still the password on a large number of these machines. And the fact that the same key (the same little chunk of metal) will access the memory card on every single machine.

22 October 2006

20 Worst Video Games of All Time

The following article lists what the author things are the 20 worst video games ever...


And the reason I think this is blogworthy? I had a copy of the #1 game as a kid. Yeah, it sucked.

04 October 2006

Season 3 premiere of Lost

I watched the season 3 premiere of Lost tonight.

I bought season 1 on DVD a little over a year ago having never before watched the show. I was hooked after about 2 episodes. But by the time I finished watching season 1, season 2 had already started. I didn't want to come into the season partway, so I just didn't watch season 2 until I bought that on DVD about a month ago.

So tonight was the first time I'd watched Lost in prime time. I gained two pieces of insight from the experience:
  1. Lost rocks
  2. commercials suck
I'm just hoping that season 3 of Lost is better than season 3 of Alias.