04 October 2006

Season 3 premiere of Lost

I watched the season 3 premiere of Lost tonight.

I bought season 1 on DVD a little over a year ago having never before watched the show. I was hooked after about 2 episodes. But by the time I finished watching season 1, season 2 had already started. I didn't want to come into the season partway, so I just didn't watch season 2 until I bought that on DVD about a month ago.

So tonight was the first time I'd watched Lost in prime time. I gained two pieces of insight from the experience:
  1. Lost rocks
  2. commercials suck
I'm just hoping that season 3 of Lost is better than season 3 of Alias.


Anonymous said...

I was ver unimpressed with it. I am not sure why? I just thought it was not that good. Myabe we should just wait it out for the dvd. Allison

Ellenmental said...

From the first two minutes until the end, it blew my mind! I want to know more about the Others.