22 July 2007

OSCON 2007: arrival

Left home this morning to fly to Portland, OR, for the 2007 OSCON. This is my fourth year to attend, and I always have a really good time at this conference.

So far, I'm a little disappointed in the hotel (the Doubletree). In past years, they've waived the $10/day in-room Internet fee, but they say they're not doing that this year. I'm hoping that's a mistake. I'll ask about it when I go check in at the conference in about an hour.

The guys from the Linux Action Show are having a get-together tonight (they're here for Ubuntu Live), and I was planning to join them. Unfortunately, they've picked a place which looks a bit too far to walk (I didn't bother renting a car), so I don't know if I'll do that or not. Looks like they'll be at the Fun, Food, and Drink event, so maybe I'll try crashing that.

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