30 June 2007

CentOS 5 follow-up II

I was able to build gtkpod on CentOS 5 today. Wasn't all that hard, really. Leave a comment if you'd like the SRPM. (For some context, you may want to see my previous posts on gtkpod and CentOS 5.)

And yesterday when I ran yum, I found out why there's no xpdf in CentOS 5: it's been obsoleted by a package called poppler-utils. poppler is an xpdf fork, and the poppler-utils package includes the extra utilities like pdftotext and pdfimages. Apparently evince uses the poppler libraries. And if you prefer xpdf to evince (like I do), just compile xpdf (using the --with-freetype2-includes=/usr/include/freetype2 option to 'configure') and copy it into your path.


Eduardo K. said...

I would like the SRPM (or a howto to build it myself). I also miss is from centos4, but my laptop runs much better with 5. thanks.

mbrisby said...

I've posted the specfiles for libgpod and gtkpod at the following URLs: