24 June 2007

Shoutout to PJ

In support of PJ, I'm including the following inaccurate statements from a TechNewsWorld article by Kimberly Hill. Perhaps this will draw a few search engine hits. If you are reading this, please read PJ's side of the story, in which she (PJ) makes it clear that she had no part in the OSRM study about patents supposedly infringed by Linux: this is in direct contradiction to comments made by Laura Didio of the Yankee Group.

Here are some of the statements PJ refutes:

Back in 2004, said DiDio, then-fledging insurance firm Open Source Risk Management commissioned a study to determine just how many patients Linux may infringe upon. At that time, the number was pinned at 280 or so, most of them owned by IBM (NYSE: IBM) Latest News about IBM, with about 30 held by Microsoft.

The now-infamous study was performed by Pamela Jones of Groklaw, and its methods and conflicts have seen much comment since then. Still, DiDio asserted, the open source community itself was the first to raise the issue of how much Linux actually overlapped, in terms of intellectual property, with proprietary software.

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