29 June 2007

Recent energy-related developments

The San Francisco Chronicle has an article about how the idiots we elected to Congress are bickering about energy standards. Sometimes I'm amazed Congress ever gets anything done at all.

In happier news, the Energy Blog has a post about a new CO2 sequestration technique developed by Global Research Technologies (GRT). CO2 sequestration is the process of putting CO2 into storage (typically underground), instead of releasing it into the atmosphere: for example, future coal-burning power plants would point their smokestacks down, rather than up (that is a gross oversimplification).

But this GRT technique is a little different: instead of grabbing CO2 as it is produced (which I suppose can only level off greenhouse gas emissions), this method would be able to pull CO2 out of thin air (which could potentially reduce atmospheric greenhouse gases).

There is mention of the GRT technique on the wikipedia page for the Virgin Earth Challenge, Richard Branson's $25 million prize for atmospheric scrubbing of greenhouse gases.

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