31 January 2007

flickr: more 'screw the users!' from yahoo

Yesterday photo-sharing Web site Flickr (owned by yahoo) announced some changes which have angered lots of their users. Each flickr user will have to start signing in with his/her yahoo account username/password (lots of users currently log in with a flickr username/password, so they'll have to change), and there are some new limits being imposed on flickr data (there will soon be a limit of 3000 contacts and a limit of 75 tags per image).

I only recenty started using flickr, and have used my yahoo account for all of that time. And the new limits don't affect me. So this isn't too big a deal for me personally. But it's another example of arbitrary changes imposed with little or no warning or user involvment, much like the recent utter ruination of yahoo TV. Not everything they do is horrible: I like the new yahoo mail (beta). But if they keep alienating their users, they may find that their shiny new upgrades aren't that good for business.

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