31 January 2007

destroying democracy the easy way

A recent slashdot post caught my eye. It involves two of my favorite topics: e-voting and lockpicking. According to the slashdot article, Diebold (a company which makes e-voting machines) recently posted, on their own freaking Web site, high-quality images of the key which can be used to unlock the access panels on their e-voting machines. The images were apparently good enough that it was possible for someone to make a quick trip to Home Depot, buy a metal file and a few blanks of the right kind of key, file the keys to the correct shape, and start unlocking Diebold machines.

Word to the wise: next time you feel like photographing your keys (and let's face it, who doesn't love photographing their keys?), put the pictures in a scrapbook on your bookshelf, not the Internet.

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