31 January 2007

Image inputs in MSIE7 -- revisited

My previous post was a whinefest about image inputs in MSIE 7. This problem turns out to be worse than I thought. In that post, I said that the problem could be circumvented by taking either of two measures, one of which was changing to a submit-type input element. Today I found out that this solution is inadequate, because the name/value pair are still not sent in the POST data if you hit return rather than clicking the submit button.

<* input type="submit" name="ick" value="gakkk" />

If you actually click the submit button in a form (in MSIE 7) containing the above code, then the ick/gakkk pair will be included in the POST data. But if you just hit the return key in the form (which is how I typically submit forms), the ick/gakkk pair won't be sent.

So, I'll have to stick with the other corrective measure and put the ick/gakkk pair in a hidden input, replacing the above HTML with this:

<* input type="hidden" name="ick" value="gakkk" />
<* input type="submit" value="MSIE 7 blows" />


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