03 December 2006

Yahoo TV Completely Ruined

I've used Yahoo TV listings for years. They changed it the other day, and the new version is utter crap. It used to be simple and fast. Here are a few of my more vitriolic gripes:
  1. the page loads a little bit at a time as the user scrolls down the page: so browser searches don't work, and it's very slow
  2. you can only browse in 3-hour increments: if a show starts prior to the current 3-hour block, you can see that something is showing, but you can't see what it is
  3. it doesn't remember that I only want to see my favorite channels: it defaults to showing every channel offered by my cable provider
Two digg posts about this have made it to the front page, and there's a post on Yahoo's blog about the change. The comments on all three of these are overwhelmingly critical:
I'm really hoping they'll change it back (or at least make it suck less). I admit to being generally inflexible: I typically don't like change under the best of circumstances. But this is pretty disappointing. There are several other sites offering online TV listings. Guess I'll switch to whichever one pisses me off the least.

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