10 December 2006

Maritime movies: eating and crashing

A couple of interesting posts made it to digg.com homepage overnight. One concerns a company which makes tables for boats. These 'capstan' tables are expandable, like a rectangular table which can be enlarged by adding leaves. But these tables are round, and they get bigger or smaller just by rotating them. Check out the movie clips. (Here's the digg post w/ comments.)

The second clip shows an accident in which a boat crashes into a bridge (apparently no one was hurt). This is a moving bridge--I saw one of these at OSCON in Portland. This one isn't a drawbridge, but a 'lift' bridge: the motorway lifts straight up using cables and pulleys, leaving room for the ship to pass underneath. When watching the video, pay close attention to the bridge at the beginning of the clip. (Here's the digg post w/ comments.)

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