18 December 2006

Fedora Legacy Project Closing

I maintain several front-line servers (exposed to the Internet) which have run Fedora Core 3 (FC3) for a couple of years, and I have relied on the Fedora Legacy Project to provide security updates for those servers. The Fedora Legacy Project is a community project providing security updates to versions of Fedora and Red Hat which are no longer supported by Red Hat.

The project has gone above and beyond, and I'm grateful for their efforts.

Last Tuesday (12 December 2006) they quietly announced that they will no longer be providing updates for FC3, FC4, or any other damn thing. I say 'quietly', because I didn't hear about for nearly a week. I don't think it made digg, Slashdot, or any of the other technology-related Web sites that actually have RSS feeds. I'm not upset that they ended support--I'm happy that I was able to run that Linux distribution (especially one as volatile as Fedora) for as long as I did. But for the support to dry up with no warning (at least, I didn't see it coming), and for me to get that news less than a week before the holiday break at my work, really sucks out loud. Now I have to bust my hump to install a operating system with some measure of support on all those servers before Friday.

Thanks for all the advance notice! Happy freakin' holidays!!!!!

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