24 July 2008

barn swallows: moving on

When I left for work this morning, the nest appeared to be empty--I didn't even see Stoopy lurking in it. I guess they were all off doing...well, whatever barn swallows do (eat insects and make poop, I suppose).

When I got home from work, I saw that the painters had taken down the nest so that they could paint the entryway. Lame, but at least they waited until the hatchlings had become fledgelings. If that was a deliberate decision, it was a nice one.

This evening as I left for a bike ride, the entire crew swooped past me single file through the entryway, as if to say "hello" (or perhaps "oh god it's a human fly away as fast as you can"--it's a subtle difference). And when I came back, one of the fledgelings was perched on the doorframe close to where the nest used to be.

So I guess they'll be OK. It was nice having them as neighbors for a while.

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