16 December 2008

Belize: San Pedro

(This is part 3 of a 6-part description of a trip I took to Belize with friends just after Thanksgiving 2008. I put my pictures a flickr.)

We had pretty luxurious accommodations in San Pedro, which is on the island of Ambergris Caye. We were in a three-level dome-topped structure, and we had the top two levels. Our downstairs had a well-equipped kitchen, a dining area, a common area (TV and couches), and a bedroom (L and KL took that one). There were two more bedrooms upstairs: I took one, and H and K took the other. Each bedroom had its own bathroom. There was a wonderful wooden deck/balcony off of our downstairs, and it looked out over the water. It was really quite fancy.

view from Xanadu balcony

The beach wasn't quite what I expected, because I hadn't read about the barrier reef. Ocean waves strike the reef, rather than the coast, which is a big part of why the water here is so clear. But that means that we didn't see or hear waves, which is one of my favorite ocean things. So that was a very minor disappointment, but it was still very cool being by the water. The reef is not that far out, so we could see waves breaking out on the reef just below the horizon, and that was pretty awesome to watch. The beach itself is very clean white sand, and it was fun walking around.

Caribbean barrier reef

San Pedro coast

That first afternoon in San Pedro we didn't do much more than have a good meal and settle in to Xanadu. We turned in early, because we knew we had an early start the next morning: the Mayan ruins at Altun Ha.

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