19 December 2008

Belize: Day Off, Return

(This is part 6 of a 6-part description of a trip I took to Belize with friends just after Thanksgiving 2008. I put my pictures a flickr.)

We didn't plan anything for Thursday, so we slept in. After a leisurely breakfast, we headed north into the shopping areas of San Pedro. We visited several shops looking for souvenirs and gifts. I found that most of the offerings seemed to be overpriced tourist junk, but I did splurge on a couple of Belikin Beer T-shirts. This shopping trip was also a pub crawl: we hit four or five bars, having lunch in one of them. There are lots of dogs in San Pedro. One would adopt us for a while as we walked along, and another would pick us up as we left a shop or bar. We finished out our last full day of the trip with a delicious dinner at the restaurant of a nearby coastal resort.

We took it easy again Friday morning. I partook of some wireless Internet by the Xanadu pool (my friends were impressed that I'd held out for nearly a week), L and KL swam a bit, and H and K did a little more shopping. Then we packed up and took a cab back to the San Pedro airport. Another Tropic Air flight with more breathtaking views of the Caribbean took us directly to the Belize City International Airport. Other than K having a bit of trouble with immigration/customs in Houston, we had an uneventful trip home. The temperature change was pretty startling: from somewhere around 85F to 33F. Ouch. Back to reality. *shrug*

Caye Caulker

It was a fabulous trip. I'd do it again.

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