18 September 2008

Thursday at ZendCon

Today is the final day of ZendCon, and it's a half day. It started with sessions, rather than a keynote (the keynote is at the end). I was having trouble figuring out which session to attend, but then I looked at the presenter names, and that made it easy to pick "Scaling Mozilla's websites with PHP" with Laura Thomson. I've heard her speak at OSCON, and she always gives a good talk. She didn't disappoint today, as she told us about how she helped Mozilla get ready for the Firefox 3 "Download Day" (or, as she called it, D-Day). It was a fascinating case study of query/code optimizations, caching solutions, MySQL replication tricks, and other goodness. A couple of fun facts are that mozilla.com uses drupal, and D-Day saw saw 14Gb/s of downloads and 2Gb/s of web traffic.

Next Stefan Priebsch gave a good discussion and demonstration of Selenium. Several people have talked about Selenium at this conference, and it really looks like a great resource.

The closing keynote is by David J. Neff from the American Cancer Society. He told us about sharinghope.tv, a site with user-generated content from people affected by cancer. Pretty cool.

Here's a picture from the closing keynote. That's Cal Evans (ZendCon program chair) on the stage, and the (backs of the) heads of Laura Thomson and Paul Reinheimer. Sebastian Bergmann was also milling about (which would have put my three favorite speakers in the shot), but he wouldn't hold still long enough.

Cal on stage

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