15 September 2008

Sunday at/before ZendCon

I'm at ZendCon this week. I flew in to San Jose airport yesterday and got the hotel shuttle to the hotel (which is in Santa Clara). I got in pretty early (around 10AM local time), but my room was already ready, so I got to go straight in.

A bit later I took the hotel shuttle to the Santa Clara Convention Center, which is where the conference is being held. Conference check-in only took a few minutes (I gave them my name, and they gave me my conference packet), so I had the rest of the afternoon play.

I had the hotel shuttle take me to the local CalTrain station, and I took that into San Francisco. I was wanting to go to Pier 39 (a touristy shopping area with Bay cruises and an aquarium), but I had a terrible time finding the right bus. The nice woman who answered the Pier 39 phone number told me to take the 9x bus. As far as I can tell, that particular bus runs approximately once every two weeks. I only ever saw one 9x bus, and it was going the wrong way. I almost gave up a couple of times and just took the train back early.

I eventually got to Pier 39 (I caught the 10 bus, which runs fairly regularly, and which got me to within a block of the pier), but I didn't have much time there (I needed to get back to the train station by 7PM for the return to Santa Clara). But the pier offers a nice view of the Bay, and I took several pictures. I could see Alcatraz Island, and there was a neat view of the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance. Some of the other shorelines were wrapped in a neat fog, and seeing the sea lions was cool.

I got back to the hotel and had some dinner in the hotel restaurant. By then I was pretty tired (I didn't sleep much the night before, and the time change added an extra two hours to the day), so I turned in a bit early.



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