20 June 2008

GPG wallet in cygwin

The other day it occurred to me try my password wallet in cygwin. The wallet requires dialog, but cygwin doesn't seem to have a dialog package. So I figured I'd try building it.

dialog requires ncurses, which meant that I needed to install the ncurses-devel cygwin package (using the cygwin setup tool). Then I downloaded the dialog source and did configure && make && make install, and that "just worked" to get dialog in cygwin. And then the wallet "just worked," too.

So if you're running Windows and want to try the password wallet, install cygwin and give a wallet a try.


pikesys said...

Where did you find the source for dialog? I would like to have dialog in my cygwin environment for consistency with other systems.

mbrisby said...

The link in the post takes you to the dialog home page, which has a link to the source code.