06 January 2008

WPA2 Enterprise on the Nokia N800

I got a Nokia N800 as a holiday gift, and I took it to work the other day. The N800 is an "Internet Tablet" which is a bit larger than a cell phone and much smaller than a laptop. It's a WiFi device which runs Linux, and it's a pretty neat toy. If you get one, definitely go the software available at maemo.org.

Anyway, I had a bit of trouble getting the N800 to talk to the wireless network at work, which is WPA2-Enterprise authenticating against an Active Directory domain. But a google search found a page describing how to configure a connection, and that worked right away. The following is a direct copy-and-paste of that post:

page 1: Connection type = WLAN
page 2: Network mode = Infrastructure; Security method = WPA with EAP
page 3: EAP type = PEAP
page 4: Select certificate = None; EAP method = EAP MSCHAPv2
page 5: You can enter your login information if you don't want to log in manually each time
page 6: Click "Advanced" button
Other tab: Enable "WPA2-only mode"
EAP tab: Enable "Use manual user name"; enter your "Manual user name"; Disable "Require client authentication" (I thought I had this one enabled initially, but it will now only work if disabled)

I set it not to remember my password (in case the N800 is lost or stolen).


Anonymous said...

This is a really useful article.
When you follow the link you provided, it references something about a root certificate. Do I need to bother with that?

mbrisby said...

I'm glad that it was helpful.

I don't remember needing to do anything with a certificate. I expect that the network engineers at my work are running the WLAN with a certificate that's been signed by a certificate authority that the N800 trusts by default (like Thawte or Verisign).

I suspect that the root certificate in that article is a self-signed certificate that the writer needed to import as a trusted certificate.