18 January 2008

google code, trac-backup

In the current episode (season 5, episode 9) of LugRadio, Stuart Langridge says that his new year resolution is to start releasing some of the little scripts and programs he writes. He says that he writes lots of these things, but tends not to release them, because he thinks that they're not very user-friendly. I really identified with him when he said that, and it's inspired me to try doing the same.

So I created a project in Google Code for the trac backup script I described in a previous post. Creating the Google Code project was pretty easy (although someone unfamiliar with subversion might have a hard time). I've updated the script according to a comment on the previous post about a problem with a new version of trac. If you are interested, please have a look at trac-backup.

I'll probably add more projects in the coming weeks:
  • a versioned backup system based on subversion, which is pretty good for backing up configuration data
  • maybe some other backup programs I've written
  • the password wallet I wrote about in the January issue of Linux Journal

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