25 March 2007

Recent Reading

I've recently finished reading a couple of pretty good books. I just (a few minutes ago) finished The KILL BILL Diary: The Making of a Tarantino Classic as Seen Through the Eyes of a Screen Legend by David Carradine. Carradine turns out to be a pretty good writer. If you enjoyed the movies, you'll like this book. It has some interesting observations into the making of the films (which were evidently originally intended to be released as a single film).

And a few days ago I finished Weapons of Choice by John Birmingham. The premise is that a multinational naval armada from 2021 is zapped back in time to June 1942. This disrupts the battle of Midway, and the multinational fleet's presence begins to alter history. This is the first part of a trilogy. I liked it so much that I bought the other two books even before I finished reading the first (which ends with a pretty cool cliffhanger).

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