25 March 2007

Batman on Film

Last night I rented Batman Forever (1995, 'BF' hereafter, w/ Val Kilmer as Batman) and Batman & Robin (1997, 'BnR' hereafter, w/ George Clooney as Batman). I don't think I'd seen either (not in their entirety) since each came out. I vaguely remembered that neither was a particularly good film.

Turns out that my memory was quite accurate, if somewhat understated. Ewwww.

However, each had a couple of nice surprises that I didn't remember. BF has a pair of pretty good songs by U2 and Seal, although you have to slog through to the end credits to hear them. And Drew Barrymore and Debi Mazar make for pretty sexy window dressing as Sugar and Spice in BF. BnR has fun (albeit brief) performances by Vivica A. Fox and John Glover (he's Lionel Luthor in "Smallville"). And Uma Thurman is a very provacative Poison Ivy.

Otherwise, they're both pretty grim, and they don't hold a candle to Batman Begins (2006, w/ Christian Bale as Batman). I'm really looking forward to The Dark Knight (supposedly 2008, w/ Bale again).

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