24 May 2008

RPMs on a tight filesystem

I've ended up managing a couple of CentOS servers which don't have much free space left on their root (/) filesystems. I was looking through their lists of installed packages, and I discovered a useful trick. The following command will give the size (in bytes) of the original RPM of an installed package:
rpm -q --qf '%{archivesize}\n' pkgname

So if you needed a report indicating roughly how much filesystem space each installed package on an RPM-based distribution was consuming, you could try this:
rpm -qa --qf '%{archivesize} %{name}\n' | sort -rn

When I did this on a CentOS4 box with a full install, I was rather unsurprised to find that the top offender is the OpenOffice.org internationalization package openoffice.org-i18n.

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