16 March 2008

another Highlander sequel

The other day I rented Highlander: the Source, and I watched it this evening. Although the original film is one of my favorites, I didn't have very high hopes for this one: all of the sequels have been disappointments (although I seem to remember thinking that the fourth film wasn't horrible).

But I got a bit of a surprise. There's more to say about this movie than I would have imagined. I was surprised because this newest installment is actually worse than Highlander II, which I did not think was humanly possible. Highlander II at least had a fun villain. This film stars Adrian Paul as Duncan MacLeod from the Highlander TV show, and in the film Paul is surrounded by a handful of characters who are even less interesting than he is.

So if you're in the video store and you see a copy of Highlander: the Source, keep walking, and rent something better, like Ishtar, Plan 9 From Outer Space, or Highlander II.

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