08 April 2007

e-Voting Update, DST Lameness

This is mostly an update to last week's e-voting rant. The Diebold suit against Massachusetts is still in litigation, but it was dealt three significant setbacks this week:
  1. execution of Massachusetts' contract with Diebold's competitor will not be blocked
  2. Diebold will not be granted an accelerated discovery process
  3. and Massachusetts will be able to view Diebold internal documents
An enlightened judge. How refreshing.

Also, HR 811 is making its way through US Congress. HR 811 is an e-voting reform bill which, among other things, requires a paper trail to be an integral part of any e-voting solution. It also forbids e-voting machines to have wired or wireless Internet connections, and it requires that e-voting software source code be made publicly available. Signs of enlightenment in Congress--also refreshing.

And, to no one's surprise, it looks like the change in Daylight Savings Time accomplished very little other than to annoy computer system administrators. Like me. So much for Congressional enlightenment.

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