28 July 2006

OSCON day 5

Short day today (just two morning sessions after the keynotes). Damian Conway gave a very funny keynote about patents. He's a really good speaker.

My first session was "Extreme Perl Makeover" by Peter Scott. This was another 'best practices'-type talk. The speaker suggested a couple of useful-sounding Perl modules: Text::Outdent sounds good for doing HERE documents without having to move them over into column 1, and Inline::Files lets you have several separate data sections after __END__.

Next was "Perl Hacks You Never Knew Existed" by chromatic. Just about everything he said went right over my head. But his talk got me interested in the Attribute::Handlers and Attribute::Method modules, which implement the subroutine attributes that I've seen in Catalyst and Class::Std. I managed to overcome the urge to get chromatic to sign my new copy of Perl Testing: A Developer's Notebook.

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chromatic said...

I really would have signed it; personalized too!