04 June 2006

Lightswitches are evil

I really hate standard lightswitches.

Evidently, I have this irrational, deep-seated aversion to touching lightswitches. Dunno why. But when I want to turn one on or off, I just naturally swing at it with the intention of barely and briefly touching it with my fingertip.

Trouble is, I usually miss. Which angers me. So I swing at it again, only harder, to punish it for evading me. So, of course, I miss again, which angers me more. This continues until I typically end up hitting the lightswitch with a shoe or something.

If I had any sense, or if I were a normal person, I'd just calmly and sanely sweep my whole hand down (or up) over the lightswitch. But that apparently entails more physical contact than my neurosis can withstand.

Maybe I need one of these: http://www.gogglemarks.net/index.php?action=display&tag=fightswitch


zach said...

Dude, you have problems.

Mark said...

Do you have this issue at home, or just in public places? At home, you can use automated switches combined with motion detectors, timers, etc. to minimize switch touching.

P.S. Keyboards are evil! :)

mbrisby said...

It's all standard lightswitches. Alas, I live in an apartment, so I can't make many changes. I've considered installing those rocker switches (they're a bigger target).